Velocitek Makai

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Velocitek Makai

Velocity Makai

The Makai is the first GPS that's specifically designed for SUP. It measures the Doppler shift in GPS signals to calculate your speed every half-second.

Product Features:

  • GPS used for SUP
  • Provides Speed (km/h, mph)
  • Provides Distance (km, mi)
  • Elapsed time
  • Maximum and average speed recall
  • 40 hour rechargable Li-Ion Battery
  • Comes with 2 quick-release mounting plates

Optimize your stroke without interrupting it - The Makai's big numbers let you see speed, distance and elapsed time at a glance. You can pace yourself and refine your technique, without interrupting your stroke to look at a watch.

Built to survive Maui - Velocitek is based on the North Shore of Maui. The Makai was designed to the specifications of the professional SUP racers who live and train here. The result is a product that can handle extreme conditions.

Hydrodynamic Design - The Makai's shape is optimized to minimize drag while deflecting spray away from the screen.

Hit the water. Now. - Like all Velocitek products, the Makai makes sense without a manual. It only has one giant button. Velocitek guarantees that you will be able to figure it out in a few minutes.

Check your Stats - The Makai recalls your maximum and average speeds for a session to help you track your progress and evaluate equipment choices

A battery that goes the distance - A rechargable Lithium Ion battery gives you more than 40 hours of paddling time on a single charge. Plug the included USB cable into any Mac, PC, or smartphone charger to recharge.

Easy Mounting - The Makai comes with two low-profile mounting plates so you can conveniently switch it between boards.

Ready Mode Speed is displayed in real-time. Distance and elapsed time are not displayed.

Race Mode Speed is displayed in real-time. Distance and elapsed time count up.

Results Mode Speed flashes back and forth between the maximum and average speeds for the session. Distance and elapsed time are stopped.

In the Box:

  • Makai
  • Two mounting plates with 3M VHB adhesive
  • USB charging cable
  • Extra charging port lid
  • Quick Start Guide